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"The Slag Bible" - misogny galore!


"The Slag Bible" and "The LAD Bible" have been going around on Facebook for a month or so now and they both contain rampant sexism. But The Slag Bible takes it to a whole new level. Truly.

44) Thou shall not cry rape.

157) Thou shall have a snooze button on their rape alarm.

The above are perhaps the most worrying entries of The Slag Bible. This logic suggests that if you like to have sex you cannot be raped or even enjoy being raped! Ergo, if you enjoy sex or have sex with multiple partners, you forfeit the right to give consent and therefore DESERVE to be raped? Right…

115) Thou shall have sex before marriage.

119) Thou must all remember, the more orange you look, the brighter your future is.

37) Thou shall not apply foundation properly and always have orange lines at the edge of thy face, more commonly known as “slag lines”

But what exactly constitutes a “slag” in the eyes of the writer? It seems that the definition is paper-thin. So anyone who has sex before marriage? Someone who is tanned? Someone who does not properly apply foundation? I’m not even going to condescend to come up with a definition of a “slag,” of course, since I reject the word entirely. It’s just another way to try to control other people’s sexual behaviour and judge something that has absolutely shit all to do with you.

43) Thou shall keep tally of received/given STIs.

49) Thou shall get more STIs than GCSEs.

71) Thou shall know STIs are like Pokemon, ‘gotta catch em’ all.’

It also cements the idea of STIs being something shameful and as a result of “promiscuous” behaviour. This is extremely problematic, since anyone can be unfortunate enough to contract and STI, irrespective of how many sexual partners they’ve had, one or a hundred. NOBODY should be shamed for contracting an STI. They can result in infertility and with HPV even cancer and subsequent death. STIs are not something to be joked about or be made to seen as a “dirty” disease, the result of so-called “deviant” behaviour. This only makes a sufferer feel ashamed and therefore more likely to put off seeking help, which could result in disastrous consequences. Furthermore, the idea that anyone who engages in a lot of sex will have an STI is nonsense and just acts as an excuse for slut-shaming. Multiple partners and safe sex = no STI. Duh.

4) Thou shall try get off with as many males as possible.

No surprise that all people engaging in lots of sexual activity are here assumed to be both female and heterosexual… Of course, all females want to get off with males, didn’t ya know?

75) Thou shall have had a number of sexual partners greater than ones IQ.

Several entries on The Slag Bible refer to the the individual’s intellect, here perpetuating the idea that anyone who engages in a lot of sex must be unintelligent. Errr, what? So people who are intelligent don’t like sex? Furthermore, shaming someone on their intellect is ableist and has absolutely nothing to do with the person’s sexual behaviour.

25) Thou shall have no selft respect or dignity in any public places.

The notion that if you enjoy sex this means that you have “no self-respect” is beyond ludicrous. How about you respect yourself enough to know your own body and what you want to do with it? How about you respect yourself enough to want to feel good and have a good time, irrespective of what society will think of you? This idea is so often spread that people who have lots of sex do it because they have low self-esteem is rubbish. Absolute rubbish. And again, it just serves as an EXCUSE for other people to judge behaviour that has absolutely nothing to do with them.

27) Thou shall never turn down an offer for sex.

Again, showing the idea that if you have a lot of sex you no longer have the right to say what you do with your own body. Let’s get this straight: no means no. No matter who is saying it. But on the other side, yes means yes. And we should all feel empowered enough to say yes to sex if we want it, to do what we want with our own bodies. If you want sex, say yes. If you don’t, say no. Your body is your own and only you should be the boss of what you do with it.


Here’s my final say on it: how about a little bit of sex-positivity? Sex is a brilliant thing that people can consensually indulge in and shouldn’t expect to be shamed afterwards for their perfectly natural behaviour. Anyone who feels the need to judge someone else’s sexual behaviour needs to take a step back and ask themselves why they feel the need to do this. What does it achieve? It is interesting, of course, that this is aimed specifically at women, showing the misogyny and sexism ingrained into our society. Men are not shamed for their sexual behaviour here, but instead encouraged to capitalise on the “slag’s” willingness to have sex. Promiscuity amongst males is encouraged, but amongst women shamed.

When someone calls a male a “lady” or tells him to stop being a “pussy” or to “man up” or to stop “bitching about it,” I just stop and stare in disbelief that anyone could claim that sexism no longer exists.

Language reveals attitudes not only that you hold yourself, but that society holds too.

So when you see a football manager call his team of male footballers “ladies” - this is using being female as an insult. It is not a joke that should be laughed at because it quite blatantly reveals our societies hierarchy: males > females.

Female is an insult. Male is something to aspire to: “grow some balls” “man up.”