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[TW: Domestic Abuse, Victim Blaming]


Watching Jezza Kyyyle as per although I’m not sure why. A victim of domestic abuse is on there and he’s all OH WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST DUMP HIM WHY DIDN’T YOU GET RID OF HIM and I’m like do you not understand ANYTHING at all? If he’s hitting her then she’s probably too scared to leave.

Jezza (who was also nicknamed by someone else on the show as “JK”, which personally I thought was a stroke of genius) is so bad for shit like that.

I remember once he had a woman on as the feature because she “had too much sex.” And the whole segment was basically an homage to slut-shaming. OMG YOU HAVE SEX? SEX WITH LOTS OF PEOPLE? AND YOU HAVE A VAGINA? HOW DISGUSTING! HAVE SOME COUNSELLING. PER-LEASE.

And let’s not even get onto his blatant disgust for the working-class. 


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