1. For those who haven’t seen Plan B’s amazing “Ill Manors” which deals head on with the riots in the UK over the summer of 2011 and attitudes towards working-class people - or “chavs” or “the underclass”. An amazing attack.

    Article here: https://apps.facebook.com/theguardian/music/musicblog/2012/mar/15/plan-b-ill-manors

    These days most members of that class fall under the dismissive umbrella of “chav”. 1Xtra again: “For me that term is no different from similar terms used to be derogatory towards race and sex, the only difference being that the word chav is used very publicly in the press … When you attack someone because of the way they talk, the way they dress, the music they listen to, or their lack of education, and you do it publicly and it’s acceptable to do that, you make them feel alienated. They don’t feel like a part of society … For every person who uses the word chav there is a less educated person ready to embrace it. They say, well, look, I’m never going to change the way you think of me so actually I’m going to play up to it and fuel the fire. In essence that’s what Ill Manors is about.”

    Ill Manors says if you stereotype people as socially worthless then they will grow into those stereotypes. 

    The inhabitants of Ill Manors are in a lose-lose scenario. They riot: they’re trapped. They don’t riot: they’re trapped. At least one way they get to feel for a moment the illusion of empowerment. Drew doesn’t celebrate or even forgive that response but he attempts to explain it. Furthermore, when Demange cuts from a staged car-burning to news footage of the real thing, the viewer gets a disconcerting taste of an aspect of the riots that liberal analyses tend to downplay: the fact that wanton destruction can be briefly cathartic and, whisper it, fun.


  2. [TW: Domestic Abuse, Victim Blaming]


    Watching Jezza Kyyyle as per although I’m not sure why. A victim of domestic abuse is on there and he’s all OH WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST DUMP HIM WHY DIDN’T YOU GET RID OF HIM and I’m like do you not understand ANYTHING at all? If he’s hitting her then she’s probably too scared to leave.

    Jezza (who was also nicknamed by someone else on the show as “JK”, which personally I thought was a stroke of genius) is so bad for shit like that.

    I remember once he had a woman on as the feature because she “had too much sex.” And the whole segment was basically an homage to slut-shaming. OMG YOU HAVE SEX? SEX WITH LOTS OF PEOPLE? AND YOU HAVE A VAGINA? HOW DISGUSTING! HAVE SOME COUNSELLING. PER-LEASE.

    And let’s not even get onto his blatant disgust for the working-class. 


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